>> Manga, Komik Indonesian

Manga / comic is something we commonly hear, or even we often read in my spare time, do you know that in Indonesia there own comic artist, someone who makes comics .. make a comic is not an easy job looh, takes time and a fairly long process and time-consuming, if there is a newborn person can make a comic. Waw it is mukzizat (Gaje).

We return to the comic, in Indonesia many comic artists are highly skilled and professional, so we are not left behind from the Japanese manga or comics from America ..

This is a comic that has been published, which is a comic made ​​in Indonesia 1000% ORIGINAL INDO ...

Indonesia is very proud to have their rich talented comic artist, I was also proud, karea among them was a friend of me, they know me wahahahaha "VINOKIYO" (ngarep).

Hopefully by posting this makes the reader all the spirit of Paca in making comics. Remember a word from me (FOCUS) .. I am also going to put my comics in the row above comic, just wait ... wahahahah <<(Crazy)


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